[shadescents]Shades 墨镜

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Helen: This is Real English from BBC Learning English. I’m Helen.
Zoe: Hi,我是刘佳。

Helen: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that have recently become part of the English language.

Zoe: 在今天的节目里,我们要一块儿来学学在英语中出现的新词儿,Helen,今天我们要学的是什么词呢?

Helen: Today’s new word is ‘shades’. shades.

Zoe: Shades. 你能给我们讲讲它的意思吗?Helen?

Helen: Well, shades is another word for sunglasses.

Zoe: 我知道 shade 在英语里是阴暗,阴凉处的意思,所以我想把太阳眼镜(墨镜)说成 shades 可能也是从这个意思来的吧。可是我们应该怎么用它呢?

Helen: Well, it’s an informal word. so you could say to a friend ‘I need to buy some new shades for my holidays`.

Zoe: 哦,原来 shades 就是在不正规场合时候用的,墨镜的意思

Helen: That’s right.

Insert 录音片断

A: Why have you got your shades on? It’s not that sunny outside.

B: I know, but I’ve got a terrible headache and my eyes hurt in the light.

C: Who’s that guy over there?

D: What? The one wearing shades? He looks like a rock star or something.

Zoe: Do you like wearing shades, Helen?

Helen: Oh yes, especially when it is sunny.

Zoe: 我也是。那冬天呢?在冬天你也喜欢戴墨镜吗?

Helen: No. I only wear my shades in the sun.

Zoe: 你戴墨镜的样子一定很酷

Helen: Like a Hollywood star!

Zoe: 哈哈,你别臭美了,你以为你戴了墨镜之后就真成了Hollywood明星了呀!

Helen: It’s true though, my shades are really cool.

Zoe: 好了好了,确实挺酷的,行了吧

Helen: Anyway, let’s recap – shades – is an informal word for sunglasses.

Zoe: 墨镜就是 shades,对很多人来说,有一副漂亮的太阳眼睛可是很重要的。我们的时间又要到了。

Helen: Yes, we have to go. You’ve been listening to Real English from BBC Learning English. Bye.

Zoe: See you next time.

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